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Cast from Heaven to Earth, a beautiful angel battles her doubts to prevent succumbing to her demons, threatening the existence of her Dark Angel clan. Can she  believe in the power  of love and fulfill her destiny or will she be dragged to Hell? Time is running out...


Adapted from a Y.A. novel

A young Earth City girl, Rain, a Red by birth is marked, starving and desperate. She seizes an opportunity to escape to Meccanda, a planet rumored to hold a cure, that she might save her younger brother, Walker, who struggles against the symptoms of The Touched. The price of starship passage? Her virginity to the shipʼs Captain, Johnny.
Once trapped in flight, Rain discovers Johnnyʼs darker secrets, in the trafficking of both prostitutes and The Touched. When driven to the brink of destruction by Johnnyʼs twisted web of power, Rain survives only through the unlikely alliances with the prostitutes trapped with her and Ben, the young Meccandan doctor who treats them. Seeing herself in the faces around her, Rain finds the hero within and determines that they all will escape as one.



Ugly Fred


A mother who has lost her purpose, discovers a man shackled by rage, regret and a secret. Her faith leads her to a new purpose, saving her own life and those hidden in the shadows...

A young girl, bullied for not fitting in, is befriended  by a disfigured alleycat. Together, they inspire both children and adults to work through their complicated lives, helping each other to heal and form life-long bonds.

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