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Andronica Marquis

Andronica Marquis was born in San Francisco and became obsessed with acting in high school. Her parents, both professional educators, convinced her to earn a college degree at a traditional school of drama, Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington, instead of studying acting in Los Angeles. There she received an excellent education studying a variety of acting methods, including  Stanislavski’s System, Lee Stasberg’s Method, The Meisner Technique, LeCoq Masque, Uta Hagan’s Realism, and Practical Aesthetics, among others. Watching theater from the great playwrights of every era, such as Shakespeare, Sophocles, Chekov, Tennessee Williams, Edward Albee, Bertolt Brecht and Sam Shepard, she found herself drawn to theater that involved large and sometimes abstract themes of human conflict and suffering. She was fascinated by watching characters negotiate the struggle of their lives and relationships and felt challenged to discover how it applied to and influenced her in relation to humanity. After writing and performing her senior thesis, a one-act play adapted from the Greek drama “Antigone,” she was invited to intern at Seattle’s Intiman Theater. She turned that down, however, for an invitation to tour Eastern Europe and witness the historic Oberammergau Passion Play.


Returning stateside, Andronica continued developing  her writing and acting in San Francisco Bay Area stage productions, including the role of Jocasta in Sophocles’ “Oedipus Rex” at The Next Stage, Koroku in “The Dog God/Inugami” directed by  the founder  of  Theater of Yugen, Yuriko Doi; Paula in “Dinner at Eight” and Philomena in Christopher Durang’s “Sister Mary Ignatious Explains It All” for Contra Costa Civic, and Bunny in “The House of Blue Leaves” for Novato Players. Her favorite roles during this time were the nuclear activist nun, Sister Mary, in Robin Rice Lichtig’s, “Blood Sisters” for The San Francisco Fringe Fest; Carol in Woody Allen’s “Central Park West” for Custom Made Theater, and Queen Elizabeth in Richard III. She also began expanding her experience into film during this time, cast in student films including “Al Borde” and “Show Me The Money.”  With some experience and a passion for film, she auditioned for professional short film productions  and was cast as a protective mother in the beautifully shot thriller “Luminous” and as an unfortunate drug-addicted mother in Michael Peer’s “Nora,” starring Haley Hudson.


In 2012, she moved to Los Angeles to learn about the film industry, returning to the Bay Area only twice to participate in two short films by Richard Valencia “Til The End” and “This” and to play the mother in a stage production of “Enough” for the Marin Fringe Festival. Back in Los Angeles, she signed on with The Actor’s Exchange Modeling Agency in 2014 and was chosen to participate in The International Model and Drama Competition. She traveled to New York to perform and compete, where she won awards in Improvisation, Commercial Reading and was  among the top five actors overall. Subsequently, she was cast in a short film “God Laughs At Me” and a stage production of “Unidentified Human Remains and The True Nature of Love,” by Brad Fraser, but was frustrated by a lack more professional film opportunities. She began relying less on her agent and started networking independently. After hearing of someone needing a writer to create a short military action drama involving drones, she volunteered and wrote a short script, which was received enthusiastically.  Invited into the process to help produce, as the original producer chose to limit his participation to running the camera, she quickly came to understand that her skill-sets of leadership, organization, and communication combined with her inherent understanding of dramatic structure and a love for film were critical to the project. She bought costumes, created the set and storyboard, directed and acted in the project.


Returning to San Francisco to care for her elderly parents, she quickly began developing a new short film project. She began by contacting associates she had worked with in Bay Area theater and short film productions. After a year of development, “Medea” was filmed with original costumes, set and soundtrack. Written and directed by Andronica, the film has been accepted into the “WRPN Women’s International Film Festival,” “The Depth of Field International Film Festival,” and  chosen as a finalist in the “Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.”  While promoting “Medea,” Andronica contracted a new visual effects designer for “Drone.” She continues fundraising to complete the project. Meanwhile, she wrote two feature film scripts: an original fantasy, “Dark Angels,” and “Rain,” an adaptation  of a science-fiction novel.  And is currently working with Models, Inc. based out of San Francisco, California.