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Born and raised in San Francisco, Andronica earned her B.F.A. degree from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle ,Washington. While acting in short films and earning her S.A.G. membership in L.A., she happened upon a writing opportunity; this grew to an Acting/Directing/Producing job, resulting in her first award-winning military action film, "Drone".      

 Returning to San Francisco to care for her parents, Andronica wrote and filmed her second short award-winning film, the symbolic tragedy, based on the Greek myth, "Medea".      

 Collaborating with SkyAngel Films, she wrote several feature screenplays and earned  certification from Radio Recording Film Connection Program.       

 Now independent, Andronica continues garnering awards for both films and scripts and is developing her third short, entitled, "The Worker" with production of her feature scripts next.     

She enjoys dance, acting and Muay Thai lessons, reading, walks in nature and, of course, going to the movies.       

She is currently represented by Models, Inc. for print, commercial and film work.​​

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