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NORA: by Michael Peer, starring Haley Hudson

Andronica plays a a drug-addicted and abused mother to Nora, a woman, who has moved beyond the troubling mosaic of her childhood, to find happiness, though the scars of her trauma remain.


In the short drama, “Luminous,” Andronica plays the mother who desperately tries to protect her young son, Sam, from a frightening father figure. The film is told from the perspective of Sam, once grown, who remembers and reflects, as he

struggles in a surreal world between his fear and his instinct to forgive.


An animated rag-doll with a penchant to heal, is the role Andronica plays in the short surreal film, “Tatterdemalion”, intending to reveal the disconnected and tattered emotional life of people, symbolically cast as puppets and rag dolls.